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Welcome to the Afreeka Exodus Foundation

Welcome to the
Afreeka Exodus Foundation


The concept of the African Diaspora and Investment Community Expo (ADICE) was designed with the following 3 groups of African people in mind: (1) Africans who currently live on the African continent, (2) African people who left the continent for “more opportunities” in other areas of the world, and (3) the descendants of those Africans who were forcibly removed from the African continent to Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Americas.

These groups will be collectively referred to as “African people” by the organizers of the ADICE.

With the above concept revealed, you may ask, “Why should I attend the ADICE”?  Here are seven reasons you may want to attend the ADICE:

  • You want to connect or reconnect to the motherland spiritually, physically or culturally, to include establishing healthy relationships with African people.
  • You want to tap into the various investment opportunities and activities that a rising African continent has to offer, which will also be emphasized at the expo.
  • You want to be connected to the right people necessary to maximize your opportunities.
  • You want to attend an event where your solution-oriented sisters and brothers will come together to discuss, plan, and enact PRACTICAL solutions to the many challenges African people face…at home and abroad.
  • You are not interested in over emphasizing the intensity of the challenges African people have, nor merely attending a “motivational speaking competition”. You want to disprove negative stereotypes, bridge the gap between different groups of African people by your integrity and your conviction. You believe in obtaining tangible results.
  • You want to forge POSITIVE, HEALTHY, LONG-LASTING relationships necessary to ensure that the above investments are of mutual benefit to all involved, and that the benefits become the foundation for functional unity, generational wealth, and a higher quality of life for African people.