Afreeka Exodus Foundation

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Welcome to the Afreeka Exodus Foundation

Welcome to the
Afreeka Exodus Foundation


  • Reopening ancient portals of the industrial revolution.
  • Reestablishing historic landmarks of trade and commerce.
  • Reigniting the spirit of leadership which drove the early waves of innovation and invention.
  • Rebuilding the deserted foundations and pillars of our intellectual market and infrastructure as the African people.
  • Redefining & re-establishing our cultural, spiritual, and economic history and heritage (Global African Diaspora).
  • Reexamine the genesis of our economic dilemma as a continent.
  • Revisiting the inception of modern-day development.
  • Consequently, paving the way for all sons and daughters of African descent living in the diaspora to return and fully settle into the motherland. Helping them acquire citizenship of any country on the continent that they choose, with focus on those who cannot trace their roots to a specific country on the African continent.

The organization is greatly committed to re-educating and empowering Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora with the rich history and heritage, reopening ancient doorways to social, political and economic mysteries that birthed and anchored the great success Africa enjoyed as a Nation, before colonialism and slavery.