Afreeka Exodus Foundation

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Welcome to the Afreeka Exodus Foundation

Welcome to the
Afreeka Exodus Foundation

Who We Are

The Afreeka Exodus Foundation is a non-profit initiative geared towards re-educating and empowering Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora with the rich history and heritage, reopening ancient doorways to social, political and economic mysteries that birthed and anchored the great success Africa enjoyed as a Nation before colonialism and slavery.


The vision of the Afreeka Exodus Foundation is to strongly encourage all sons and daughters of African descent at home and abroad to reconcile with their true heritage, contribute to the social, political and economic revival of the African continent through a series of vigorous continental awareness crusades across the various States of the continent.



This initiative is to open a gateway through which both continental Africans and the African diaspora, can begin to reconcile with their rich heritage, the climax of which is to guide and assist them to identify investment opportunities and eventually relocate back to their motherland. Through this consultancy work as research Entrepreneur & investment Broker by providing credible and up-to-date market data to encourage-guide all the investment ambitions of the African Diaspora.